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The IoT CoE is a living space that showcases our articles about smart home deployments and related technologies.

The Truth About Wi-Fi

<<We don't need wires, we'll use Wi-Fi>> is a misconception. Discover why Wi-Fi can be the least efficient form of wireless communication and what you can do to overcome today's dependence on reliable and fast communication.

The Importance of Structured Cabling

Wonder what "structured cabling" means? It's the fundamental infrastructure layer of a true Smart Home. And the best part of it: it's relatively inexpensive to implement.

What the Internet of Things (IoT) Means to You

IoT is a widely defined concept in which day-to-day devices you use are somewhat connected to the internet to send and receive information. An oven, a thermostat, a car, even your washer can now be connected to the cloud. Be prepared for what's coming.

Lutron® Clear Connect™ Technology: It's not Wi-Fi!

Many wonder how Lutron devices talk to each other. Well, it's certainly not via Wi-Fi. Learn more about Clear Connect™, Lutron's proprietary RF communication protocol.

What "Smart Home" really means...

What makes a Smart Home a true intelligent home? It's certainly not the amount of gadgets that you buy and connect to your network. A real Smart Home depends on advanced planning and infrastructure construction, which in turn allow a myriad of devices to surf on it and provide reliable results.

New Constructions and Remodels - Don't Miss the Opportunity

Home automation depends heavily on a solid networking infrastructure. Unfortunately, Wi-Fi is not reliable enough as to ensure seamless communication among the myriad of connected devices present in a Smart Home. If you are building or renovating, this is your unique chance to transform your space into a real Smart Home that will be able to reliably and seamlessly interconnect all your home automation devices for decades.

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