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Okol Group uses TeamViewer Business to remotely monitor and assist client's sites and systems. Please download either modules below when prompted by the support team:

Okol Grop TeamViewer support smart home ne york nyc lutron nest eero chelsea automtion

QuickSupport module download

(mac & pc)

QuickJoin module download

(mac & pc)

Host module download

(for technicians only)

Executable files; 2~3 minutes download; you may be prompted by the firewall to allow access.


To open a support ticket, locate you Project ID and complete the form below.

Can't find your project ID? Check these tips to the right

By clicking on Request, you have reviewed and agreed to our terms of use and privacy policy:

Thank you, message sent.

Project ID Tag

Okol Group placard media rack smart home project ID new york nyc

The project ID can be found on visual placards affixed on racks and closets, or on any invoice header. The project ID often starts with CAS, HYB, or OK followed by a number 10 or 11 plus three digits.


Okol Group nest pro smart hoe new york yc chelsea automation AV AC

Thermostat compatibility tool

(online redirect to nest's online tool)

Thermostat backplate wiring reference

(for visual reference only)

Okol Gou home automation AV smart home new york nyc nest pro

TIA/EIA-568 pin/pair assignments T568A and T568B

8P8C modular connector for T568B
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